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    The main raw materials are corn flour, corn starch, rice flour and other starches, which are extruded and expanded into triangular, circular, square, animal and other shapes, and then baked and seasoned. Its taste is crisp, nutritious and easy to digest. It is loved by people of different ages at home and abroad. After forming, the residual material can be recycled after crushing, thus greatly reducing the production cost.

    The food produced by puffed food equipment has crisp taste, oil and no greasy, after eating, leaving fragrance, promoting the digestive characteristics of the intestines, making the wide consumer after dinner, the food is easy to learn and easy to understand. The operation function, product quality and skill mouth sense of the extruded food production equipment have reached the first level in the same industry. 

    With the advanced co extrusion technology, two kinds of products of different texture and taste are extruded on the twin screw mainframe, and all kinds of puffed and sandwiched foods, such as wheat fragrant chicken block, sandwich rice crisp, rice fruit, etc. are produced in the market, and the mould and auxiliary equipment can also be changed to produce camping powder, cereal porridge and various shapes. Snacks. The automatic production line is in the domestic level because of its wide range of raw materials, convenient operation and maintenance, low energy consumption and high output.

    Extruded leisure food production line is an automatic processing equipment for leisure food based on absorbing advanced extrusion technology from abroad. Its technical performance and quality have reached the advanced level of similar equipment in the world. The production line is made up of ingredients, extrusion, molding, drying and flavoring.


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