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    How to use double screw food extruder

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    On the basis of the characteristics of single and double screw extrusion principle, a multifunctional extruder which can meet the requirements of different processes was developed. It can adjust the water, pressure, temperature, speed and other parameters in the extrusion process, and display it in a digital manner. Different screw combination and long diameter ratio are used to solve the problem of combining theory and practice in teaching and scientific research, and completely change the current situation of relying on operating experience control. Today we come to understand the food puffing machine in use of the note.
    The food puffing machine is relatively fast because of the wear and tear of the vulnerable parts near the feed point, and the wear and tear of the vulnerable parts near the feed point is less. Therefore, when replacing the vulnerable parts, they should be replaced from the feed end in turn, and it is not appropriate to replace a variety of parts at a time. Next, the puffing raw materials should be cleaned. Strictly prevent metal and other foreign objects from entering the machine damaged parts. Check the quality of the inflator at any time and pay attention to replacing the vulnerable parts.
    Before puffing machinery work, components such as head, movement, and silk bar should be removed. It is extremely important to carefully clean the rice scale and oil on the movement and silk bar, and dry and reload after cleaning.
    In the initial stage of puffing machinery operation, when the spray hole can not be sprayed out of the forming product, it is often caused by the high temperature of the nozzle. The reason is that the raw material is too dry, or there is foreign matter in the spiral groove, or the material is interrupted. The reason should be found according to different circumstances and the failure should be resolved.
    Do not stop immediately when the food extruder spiral groove is found to be blocked. Do not stop until the feed is stopped. This avoids killing the nozzle and spiral shaft sleeve. If the nozzle, spiral shaft sleeve bite can not be removed, do not slam hard, can be removed from the body, put in the fire for a while, can be removed.
    After the operation stops feeding, the machine is idled for 1 minute, and the machine stops after discharging the material. Remove the nozzle and spiral sleeve, remove the screw shaft, remove the residue in the puffing machine, and dredge the nozzle hole for reuse. Note: Gloves should be worn when removing the machine to prevent Burns.
    The quality of food puffing machine equipment affects the production quality and safety of puffed food industry, and the knives in food machinery are in direct contact with food production and food packaging. Therefore, the selection of cutting tools for food machinery is very important. Choose the machine to try out, see the effect of production, packaging, the effect is only quality, and durability, wear resistance is not the test out, to prove the time.

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