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    The nutritious rice equipment is a food production equipment developed on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology according to the food nutrition needs of China. The nutritious rice equipment adapts to the forced implementation of rice flour that is currently being implemented in China, and strengthens the treatment of the big situation and meets people's nutrition. The requirement of balance avoids the disadvantages of large investment in equipment, high operating cost, and the advantages of high automation, high efficiency and energy saving. The nutritious rice equipment can be made from various grains such as rice, wheat, black rice and buckwheat, and then intensively mixed with various vitamins, proteins and minerals, extruded, kneaded and matured in an extruder. It is extruded and granulated to re-merge into rice. It is eaten in the same way as natural rice, and is simpler and more convenient. It is both nutritious and more adaptable to modern fast-paced life.

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