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    Malaysia Fish Feed Market Trend-Fish Feed Pellet Machine

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    Fishery sector plays an important role in Malaysia. Fish exports is vital for offsetting the trade balance, because Malaysia is a net importer of agricultural products. The fishery sector can be divided into two main subsectors, namely marine capture fisheries industry and aquaculture industry. Due to the favorable government policies, aquaculture industry has great potential for further expansion. Among the aquaculture industry, freshwater aquaculture and the ornamental fish industry develop fast. Therefore the demand for aqua feed, especially fish feed, is growing fast too and so the need for fish feed machine and fish feed extruder.

    I. Freshwater Aquaculture-Tilapia Farming

    The culture systems of freshwater aquaculture are mainly ponds, ex-tin mining pools, cages and tanks. The use of ex-tin mining pools for freshwater fish farming is unique to Malaysia. The major freshwater fish species are tilapias, catfishes and carps. Tilapia, as an easily farmed fish and cheap but high-quality animal protein supplier, has gained most popularity. There are strong global demand for tilapia products from United States, EU and Middle East countries. At the same time, the demand for tilapia feed grows rapidly.


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