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    Three Five layers dryer

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    The multi-layer dryer can be classified in to three-layer and five-layer, large, medium and small according to the different output and size. It can be classified in to the electricity, fuel oil heating according to the different heating way.
    It can be used to bake and dry the food. The dryer can bake all kinds of the inflating food, pet food, tissue protein, peanut and so on.
    ◆Five-layer dryer has the compact structure, small occupying, large drying area, small surface area, slight radiating heat and high thermal efficiency
    ◆The belt and the heat preservation use the stainless steel, it is very clean
    ◆The net belt running speed can be controlled and change the food drying time in the dryer
    ◆The temperature can be controlled willfully and designed according to the need
    ◆The five layers dryer is superior to the three layers dryer, having the bigger drying area, the occupying area and oil consumption are similar to the three-layer dryer
    Model and Technical Parameters

    Crispy Rice
    Rice Crackers
    Soya Protein
    Pet Food

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