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    Core Filling Machine

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    This core filling machine is used to fill puffed snack with chocolate, cheese, and cream. It is widely applied in core filling pillow, tubes and wafer etc.


    1. The core fill machine can fill different shapes such as Round ball, Circle ring, Bear, Star, Half moon, Curls, Flower, and Triangle, and so on.
    2. The speed of core filling machine can be adjusted by inverter.
    3. Made of full stainless steel, SS201 or SS304 optional according to customer demand.
    4. There are wheels on the core filling machine to make sure it’s portable.


    The core filling machine is composed of the tank, pump and the control panel. The structure is simple and operation is easy.

    Equipment Level:

    The core filling machine can work with the extruder and multi-function shaping machine to make core filled snacks. It is an indispensable part of the core filling snack production line to make many flavor, crispy and delicious snacks.


    Total power: 1.62 kw
    Drive power: 0.75 kw
    Mixing Power: 0.37 kw
    Heating power: 0.5 kw
    Dimensions: 1050 × 760 × 1640mm

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