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    NIknaks food production line

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    Baked Kurkure/Corn curls processing line
    Cheetos is a special kind of  small food, chewing in the mouth is very fragile. Grits after mixed with a certain proportion of water into the rotating head of extruder. In extrusion machine two rotary extrusion and knead made of brass, grits distortion of the formation of irregular shape. Then cutting knife to cut it into required length of the product. Cheetos flavor after can be Fried, can also be baked after taste. On the market of flavors, for young and old, are very popular.
    1.Samples description

    The Process of cheetos Kurkure making machine:

    1. Mix the corn grits with water in Mixer

    2. Use the Extruder to process the material with high temperature and pressure

    3. Use Sifter Roller to remove the small and broken pieces

    4. oven baking snacks

    5. Use sifter to remove the extra oil

    6. Flavoring

    7. Packing

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