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    Frying food processing line

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    1.Frying corn chip snacks processing line Function:

    This Machine can be used to produce different sizes of Flour Snacks, the shape can be changed by the Forming machine’s Roller Cutter. It could be Moon, Bugle, Round, Fish, Duck, Gourd etc.

    1) Capacity: 100-150kg/h
    2) Raw material: Corn flour, Wheat flour.
    2.Main Features:
    1) Stable performance: adopting imported frequency or electromagnetic controlling system, high automation and smooth operation 2) Permanent working life: with special material and technology, the screw and nut involved can work continuously for 1 year under conditions of high wear and pressure

    3.Frying  snacks processing line Flow Chart:

    Flour Mixing - Extruding and inflating – Forming and Cutting –Conveying- Frying - Flavoring -Cooling conveyer.

    4.Frying snacks food pellet processing line  List:

    Mixer—— Screw conveyor—— Extruder——Doritos Forming machine -- Hoister——Continuous Fryer ——Sifter -- Hoister ——Favor Roller - - Cooling Conveyor


    380V 50Hz (It can also make according to your area requirement.)

    6.After Sales Service:

    1.)   When the machines reach your factory, we will dispatch our skilled engineer to do installation for you on time. The installation time will take 7 days.

    2.)   We will provide you the food processing recipe for free.

    3.)   Teach your staff how to operate and maintain the machines.

    4.)   We can also take Video chat to show the operation and maintains.

    7.Guarantee Time:

    1). The whole line guarantee for One year after installation.

    2). During this period we will provide free spare parts for one year using and guarantee the main parts.

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