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    Soya nugget making machine

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    1.Brief introduction:

    Protein food processing line is the new extruder we specially designed for plant protein extrusion. It processes low temperature soya meal and peanut meal to meat-like food, it can add into ham, sausage, can food, fast food and deepfreeze food for more taste.

    Soy protein extrusion machinery process line is manufactured with our rich experiences on food industry for over ten yeas.textured vegetarian soy protein machine uses nonfat soybean meal as main material to produce all kinds of soybean protein food and vegetarian meat, which are nutritional and easily absorbed by human body. The texture soy protein is like muscle and has the sense of mastication. Textured soybean protein is widely applied to many industries, such as can, seasoning, ham, meat, cooking, etc.


    - Fibration - sheets or longitudinal

    - Surface appearance - smooth, rough, shiny, matte, even or marbled

    - Colour - light (chicken or tuna) or dark (beef)

    - Texture - consistent, firm, soft or elastic

    - Flavour - many delicious combinations are available, including ethnic varieties

    - Product size- nuggets, patties, portions, slices, cubes, flakes, crumbs and more
    - Optimum hygiene

    3.Technical process:

    1 Raw material mixer  2 Twin screw Extruder   3 air conveyor   4 five layers Oven

    4.Soyabean protein sample:

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