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    Breakfast Cereal Corn Flakes Processing Line

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    Introduction of Breakfast Cereal Corn Flake Processing Line:

    The breakfast cereal corn flakes processing line can be combined or separated; The breakfast cereal line and corn flakes line share the powder mixer part and the extrusion machine. It is our new design which integrates the European Technology and Utility. Take corn powder/grits, wheat flour, oat, buckwheat as raw material, mixed with vitamin and other mineral substance, can also add little cocoa, sugar, meanwhile supply water evenly. Then going through the extruder for cook curing, pelleting ,pressing, toasting, coating etc, customer can get tasty breakfast cereals and crispy corn flakes. It can be used to produce corn flakes,ring and star shape breakfast cereal,and other shapes of breakfast cereal.

    Features of Breakfast Cereal Corn Flake Processing Line:

    1.Solved the problems of material sticking on the roller, low capacity and quality of corn flakes, poor taste and so on.
    2.The nutrition in grain can be well preserved
    3.It can produce corn flakes or all kinds of breakfast cereals, just need to change little bit about configuration.
    4.Complete production line reasonable design and control system to makes sure high quality corn flakes and breakfast cereal.

    Construction of Breakfast Cereal Corn Flake Processing Line:

    1.Flour mixer
    2.Spiral Elevator
    4.Cooling Vibration
    5.Air Conveyor
    6.Spreading & Cooling Machine
    7.3-layer Cooling Machine
    8.Large Elevator
    9.5-layer Fuel Oven
    10.Large Elevator
    11.Double-drum Spraying Machine
    12.Spreading Vibrator
    13.5-layer Fuel Oven
    14.5 Meters Cooling Conveyor

    Specifications of Breakfast Cereal Corn Flake Processing Line:

    Model Installed Powder(kw) Power consumption(kw) Output Capacity(kg/hour) Dimensions(mm) Product
    SLG65-II 210 168 100-150 54700*2800*2700 Corn flakes or Cereal grains
    SLG70-II 292 219 200-250 64200*3200*3100
    SLG85-II 89 67 100-150 37800*3000*3000 Cereal Grains
    SV-75-III 109 82 200-300 38500*3000*3000

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