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    Pellet packing machine

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    Main Structures:

    1. Automatic filling system

    2.Automatic weighing unit

    3.Automatic belt conveyor

    4.Automatic sewing machine

    5.Electric control cabinet

    Flowing Process:

    Manual Bag placing→Automatic filling→Automatic weighing→ Automatic bag conveyer→Automatic bag sewing

    Technical Parameter:


    2.Weighting Range(kg): 15~30kg

    3.Precisions:          ±0.2%FS

    4.Output:            0-80 bags/hour

    5.Source(V/ Hz):      380 , 50, 3Phase, as per your needs

    6.Air resource(Mpa):   0.4~0.6

    7.Power(Kw):          2.2/3

    8.Mainbody Dimension:

    9.1400×700×2800mm, subject to the real machine.

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