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    Installed Capacity:35.0kw     Drive Motor:22.0kw;

    Feeding:0.75kw;                 Oil-pump: 0.37kw;

    Cutting: 0.75kw;                Output: 100-140kg/h

    Dimension: 2300*850*1750mm

    Main Features:

    1.The main extruder motor,cutting motor adopts frequency speed controlling with high automation and stable per-formation.we can adjust the motor speec according to our require easily, it can meet human safe level.

    2. The screws are made of the alloy steel and special craft, durable usage, high pressure, the screw life is longer,adopt 38CrMnAl.the screw can used long time.

    3. This extruder have forced lubrication system, so that it can guarantee the equipment gear transmission and cooling the bearing

    4.Auto-temperature control system make the temperature controlling more direct viewing and the parameter more precise.

    5.This extruder have Self-cleaning, when stopping, it can be cleaned without disassembling.No need to take out the twin screw to clean it.

    6.SLG Series Double screw Extruder is mainly composed by the following parts,evry part paly different role:

    A Feeding System     B Extruding System

    C Cutting System     D Heating System

    E Lubrication System  F  Driving System

    G Electricity Control System

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