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    Lab twin screw extruder

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    A. Brief introduction of lab twin screw extruder

    The lab twin screw extruder is researched for universities, research institutes and enterprises who engaged in the research of various extrusions for inflating, cooking, modification. The lab twin screw extruder has gone through four generations of improvements and can do the experiment which adapt to cereals; potato starch, protein, chemicals, plastics, rubber and other as raw materials.This machine has the following advantages: multi-function, easy to operate and adjust, accurate data, simple maintenance and so on.

    B. Technical parameter of lab twin screw extruder:

    Engine power 5.5 kw Second series L/D 9.3 15 20.6 Pressure scope 0- 30 MPa
    Engine speed- control Frequency speed control Heating way Heating ring Pressure precision 0.1 MPa
    Screw diameter 30 Cooling way Water Number of measuring pressure 3
    Screw central diameter 26mm Temperature scope 20- 300oC Model cooling way Water
    Speed range 0- 500r/m Temperature precision ±1.0oC Filling intake 3
    Screw mode Building block combined type Number of measuring temperature point 4 Water intake 3
    First series L/D 11.6 12.7 23 Output 10- 25 kg/h Percent of water 6- 7%
    C. Our Service for lab twin screw extruder:
    We provide the most warm service for our clients:
    1). Free consultation service before, during, and after sales.
    2). Free project planning and design services upon clients' special demands.
    3). Debugging and inspecting of equipment until everything is fuctional before leaviinig the factory.
    4). Overseas installation and training of equipment maintenance and operating personally.
    5). Provide basic production techniques and formulas.
    6). 1year complete warranty for lab twin screw extruder

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