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    Wet steam extruder

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    1. Main motor     2. Conditioner    3.Discharge Nozzle    4.Extrusion system    5.Cutting system     6.Pillar    7.Extruder Frame  8. Gear Box 9.Electricity Box

    Main Features:

    1. Automatic proportion and drying system
    2. Steam heating method pre-conditional system
    3. Various shape and taste of pet food
    4. Professional fish food processing line design for clients
    5.Puffed extrusion fish food machine
    6.High out put and low consumption

    Trade mark DATONG
    Technology applied Extrusion developing technology
    Equipment model SLG 65,70,75,85,90,95,100,130
    Volt 220~690V/ customizable
    Installed power 22--315 Kw
    Weight 2~10MT
    Machine dimension 2850*850*1820 mm
    Certificate CE
    Warranty One Year
    Production capacity 100~10000 Kg/H
    Processing method High temperature & high pressure extruding, squeezing and expanding
    Controlling system Full PLC control
    Lubrication system Forced lubrication
    Screw material High-strength alloy steel
    Screw nitrided hardness 900-1000HV
    Screw nitrided layer depth 0.5~0.8 mm
    Raw Material Fish meal, dehulled soybean meal, peanut meal, high-gluten flour, lecithin, refined fish oil, a dedicated multi-dimensional, trace elements, etc.
    Pellet measurement 0.5-15 mm
    Product Shape Dozens of unique mould available
    Product application 1) Tilapia,black carp,grass carp, chub,bighead,carp, dace
    2)Grouper,turbot,snapper, sparus latus,yellow croaker,rainbow trout ,flounder
    ---suitable for all age stages

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